With no face to see
The eyes take center stage

The eyes not only reflect light, but they give off light too

Illuminated eyes are found when the soul is seeing
Children’s eyes are full of this heavenly glow

Sickness and trauma cause the light of eye to reside in the shadow

Their eyes have several important cranial nerves devoted to their movement and function

Eye movements are a complex coordination of multiple muscles

The eyes vibrate and scan
If one has trauma and their body is in a fight or flight, the eyes are likely to dart and scan
Uneasy and on unconscious threat detection

The eyes of an avid meditator may be trained to become near to still and relaxed
Taking on a calming quality and allowing for a different perception to be seen

The eyes reflect the nervous system, for much less a sensory organ, they are literally an extension of the nerves of the brain.. when you look into someone’s eyes you are seeing into the inner workings of their brain

You are seeing deeply into them

And if you look long enough, the electricity between both your nervous systems will synchronize like an invisible bridge if light between brains

It is a beautiful intimacy

It allows for an increase in communication between participants

Which is why it can be beautiful or jarring to hold eye contact with certain individuals

With clear eyes to see, it is hard to hide one’s state
If there’s something you have to hide, you will more than likely avoid eye contact

Your eyes are a doorway into your visual system

When you are stressed or you are concentrating, your field of vision becomes small like a spotlight…activating the inner core of photoreceptors and recruiting brain areas associated with colour perception, details, and classification areas… for example, your brain has separate compartments for identifying faces, or motion, or vehicles and other categories. It is possible to suffer a stroke or recieve damage to specific areas and have for example, perfectly in tact vision for most matters, expect an inability to recognize faces.

When your relaxed and your nervous system is in parasympathetic, your field of vision will widen and you can become aware of your peripheral vision

In parasympaethic, the body has recognized it is safe and takes a wider view. The periphery of your visual system has a greater degree of subconscious brain associations than when the brain focuses like a spot light.

When someone has unresolved trauma and unprocessed emotion they can live for days, weeks, or years in a sympathetic or stressed state that puts their visual system on spotlight vision.. when they release said trauma their vision often widens markedly opening their eyes to new perceptions

The doorway of sight is set free and the bodymind in a beautiful sense is saying yes to seeing, yes I am safe to be here, yes to the flow of life.

The eyes help to coordinate the nervous system and to orientate the body in space

Many systems of mindbody practice teach eye exercises or utilize specific eye movements for this purpose

Like stretching a limb in it’s full range of motion, it is good to utilize the full perceptual field of the eyes and create conscious movement

Because the eyes are often consumed by unconscious movement and having their attention dragged in every direction by the busy nature of modern society, it is healthy for the eyes to reprogram their routine patterns

As mentioned, the eyes have a great deal of neurological connections and are vital in our mental emotional state and coordinating processes of the body, taking good care of the eyes is vital to maintaining good health and a high degree of awareness

We have lost the environments that best stimulating eye health… ei. Natural environments with colour, depth, and the right balance of complexity, and sunlight

As mentioned, simple eye exercises can influence and even shift the body into a greater relaxed state… for example, try widening your vision and focusing on deep belly breathing.. it will relax the bodymind


With the increase in eye awareness here are some things to notice

Peoples eyes can indicate their intentions … to learn what eyes mean, trust your intuition and what your feel in your body when looking at another

If you are mindful of another’s eye movements you can pick up on all kinds of conscious and unconscious glances … for example, if a man is not conscious of his eyes movements he may subconsciously be pulled towards an attractive women’s body …he may or may not even be aware of it

If you want to play with eye contact … eye gaze with a partner and get them to think various intentions and see and feel if you can intuit which one’s are positive and welcoming vs. Critical.

The eyes can smile
The eyes can cry
The eyes may blink excessively if an individual is not wanting to see the world or constantly changing thoughts

The eyes, like any other part of the body can relax ..and they can store tension.. most people don’t think to conscious relax their eyes… but… try this.. rub your hands together to create some heat, then place them over your eyes… rotate and massage 10 x each direction, then breath into your eyes and contract them to the best of your ability on the inhale and relax them on the exhale

Eyes eyes eyes

Enough for today.

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