Her trembling stare
Still pierces

Waking up and still dreaming
Your silent call left no echo

Why is all I can ask
The depth of emotion is like this magnolia tree

Blossoming white and too proud
Loud signs signal a wavering spirit without a voice

Your choice
And the fire you left burning

Your departing gift is too much to stomach
Legacy of foot prints

Come and gone like the fallen magnolia flowers

A circle of humanity
Broken inside
Connected by pain
My sorrows are held by the rain
Yet I wish it would thunder
And pour and pour

We still stand and hold the pain
In our bodies you remain

When does this cycle end?
When will this heart mend?

I tend
I tend
I sow and see
How we cannot be free
Untill all are released from the trauma we carry

Eventually ill know why
When I’m finished this cry
And processed what needs to die

Free us from the lie
Let the truth emerge
And I will purge

Go home safely
I’ll see you again some day

For now, all I can do is rest in this weary body
And light a candle for those that are still here

The rain is falling heavy now
The magnolia tree will grow strong this year

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