What it’s like to be a channel

What do I mean by channel?
We are all channels.

We are receivers and transmitters of energy and information.
Most people are just attuned to their own frequency, and they transmit the energy and information from themselves.

A developed channel is someone who is trained in emptying themselves out and attuning to other frequencies to bring in energy and information.
Because everything is energy and information, it is possible to tap into the intelligence of anything in the universe with adequate training and receive information from it.

3 commonly discussed areas wherein people may have heard of channeling is mediumship (speaking to ancestors), Channeling higher beings, and channeling power animals. These practices have been around since before civilizations in shamanic and indigenous cultures.

On a lighter level, when someone does a quality impression of another individual, they are channeling their energy. Maybe you have a musician or philosopher you admire, and you emulate their style… your channeling their energy.
It’s not a bizarre as some make it out to be.

To become a channel one must delete any mental programming and belief that it is not possible and allow an openness to receive.
We all receive intuitive messages different…some are kinaesthetic others are clairvoyant or clairaudient. Like learning any new skill, it takes practice to be a clear and effective channel.

When you become a channel, you open yourself to ancestors, who may speak through you from beyond this realm.

They may come to you with their pain, wanting to be heard and seen.

They may share the history of their trauma, and how they abused your family members in their early childhood, or cheated on their spouse. They see the legacy of their pain in their family and when one of their kin can listen, they offer the strength and keys to heal.

As a channel you may have the responsibility of sharing this sensitive information with your family and doing the work to clean your own body and mind from the poison of multi-generation pain and trauma. You may be aware of these patterns of pain, but your family may not be, nor will they necessarily be willing to see and know. Because the choice to see our truth may mean we have to feel the pain we have been carrying since we were young, and many don’t have the support, practices, or understanding of how to carry this pain.

So channels may carry the pain of their family.
It is important to develop a strong energetic awareness to prevent the energy of this trauma from affecting you. If you are sensitive to energy and unaware of the energy you carry and how you take on energy you can end up taking in the energy of your hurt relatives and manifesting their diseases in your body – note, this also commonly happens with dogs who take on the diseases of their owners.
Energetic boundaries and cleaning is important.

When your higher ears are open other beings will also try and speak to you.
Animals, various spiritual beings such as ascended masters, teachers, and light beings.
It’s important as one learns to open their mind to new possibility to have an anchor.

The 3 best anchors are the body, the earth, and your heart (love).

As you open yourself up to new possibility it is increasingly important to develop your subtle sensitivities and discernment. This discernment is developed from being connecting with the wisdom of the body, especially the enteric nervous system (lower dantien), and the heart nervous system (middle dantien).

Many individuals open their mind with plant medicines or various ways of altering one’s consciousness and they don’t have an effective anchor in their body and heart and the can easily lose their way.

The heart is the internal compass.

When an individual starts channeling, they must discern what their mind is simply making up vs. what is truth. This path towards increasing one’s orientation towards their truth is a product of one moving into their heart. The deeper one moves into their heart, the more layers of emotion and healing will have to happen.

We have a personal heart, and a spiritual heart. As you move closer to your center you connect deeper with your spiritual heart and the One Love. This is the light that gives you guidance and the courage to continue to walk into the darkness of trauma.
The pain and hurt is not simply yours, or your ancestors, or your communities, or your earth’s, it is ours.

We are one, and we are all connected.
Beyond time and space.

A channel lives in this reality and they can access and communicate energy and information from past and future.

The final piece I’ll share is that a channel can channel themselves…well, a version of themselves I’ll call the higher self. This is not the you (personal mind and body) that exists here and now, but the essential energy of you that exists beyond time and space.
For example, if you want to accomplish a large task such as starting a business…you may want to connect with your higher self and the part of you who has already completed the task and gather energy and information from this future you are creating. By tapping into this future template of the person you are developing into, you are projecting your energy into the future and making a connection in space time to the moment where your at now. By making this connection you are developing a certainty that what you are accomplishing is going to happen and you can continue to tap into your higher self for guidance and strength and it will help you develop your vision.

My Shamanic and Medical Qigong program and the work I have done with Psilocyban and Ayahuasca have given me the tools to navigate the world the channeling.

The breathwork and Qigong I offer helps other individuals to learn these ways too.
If your interested in learning more, book a session today and explore the possibility of accessing information beyond what many think is possible.

Aya Aum

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